The 5D-initiative, a consortium of five major construction companies, was founded in 2008 by BALLAST NEDAM, BAM, CCC, MAX BÖGL and ZÜBLIN / STRABAG. Voicing the requirements of the European construction industry, our goal is to accelerate the development of new innovative ICT-tools for general contractors to a point where wide-spread implementation is viable.

The construction sector is the largest industrial sector, accounting for approximately 10% of the entire European GDP. Changes brought about by virtual planning, production and operation will have an enormous economic impact on the market. This is especially the case given that the construction industry has under-proportionally participated in the development of new technological advancements in this area.

As the largest group within the construction sector to pro-actively drive the development of ICT-tools for general contractors, we are prepared to face the challenge of adopting and implementing revolutionary approaches to our way of working. Besides massively adapting our own workflows, this endeavour will require further development of hard- and software tools. Taking an open and active approach and focussing on close collaborations with software vendors, research institutes and universities, thus lies at the core of the 5D-initiative.

Clear definitions of construction processes are needed to create standards that will allow internal and external process integration. Furthermore a clear system architecture in which the newly developed solutions can be embedded is required. The latter of which has been depicted above; encompassing the beliefs that new solutions should consist of loosely coupled systems and remain capable of producing traditional information like 2D-drawings.

System Architecture