Concept idea

When talking about developing and implementing 3D, BIM or 5D tools, often the comparison is made between the construction- and the automotive industry. PLM-systems, CAD-systems, etc. have greatly helped the automotive industry in optimising their processes and increasing their profits. Developing and implementing the construction industry equivalents of these systems thus is a logical aim of the construction industry. Although the comparison between automotive- and construction industry is understandable, this comparison is limited in its capability to explain the position the construction industry finds itself in right now and the path it has to take to attain its goals.

Without going into too much detail, let it suffice to say the distribution of money and power within the automotive- and construction industry are dissimilar to such extend, that implementation and development strategies cannot be copied. What the automotive industry, however, can give us insight in, is the desired outcome, the conceptual design of to be developed solutions, and possible solutions for a functional system architecture.

In short, the automotive industry can be used as a reference industry to identify prospective and advantageous short-term and long-term goals.