Defining processes, will allow software vendors to create fine-tuned solutions to support construction-specific processes, whilst taking into consideration the necessity of process integration. Defining necessary IT-platforms will fixate the system architecture of our industry, enabling software solutions to become more interoperable and better at integrating data and processes.

5Di Viewer

Similar to the printouts of 2D CAD models that were traditionally created to support decision processes and inform stakeholders, we now need to create a communication tool befitting the new environment we are creating (the 5D environment).

To that end a viewer needs to be created; in essence a graphical interface of the database. And although it is called viewer it will have to contain some editing functionalities because the essence of the tool (as a communication tool) shouldn’t change in its new environment. On a printout, you are able to scribble some extra information, so in the viewer you should too, be it in an appropriate manner (i.e. digital).

The viewer should be capable of:

- Integrating all the models of the different disciplines

- Linking to the project databases and systems

- Supporting a multitude of queries and views.

- Having an easy interface for updating, manipulating and viewing progress

- Having flexible and strong visual and narrative reporting capabilities.

- Displaying results of quantity survey and estimation

- Being used as interaction tool to add non graphical information to the model or its subparts

- The viewer must meet the following requirements:

- Integrated visualisation of both graphical and alphanumerical product and project data

- Creation of different views on all product data

- Depicting construction elements of all building trades with the necessary geometric level of detail during planning and execution

- Supporting hard and soft clash detection

- Supporting dynamic queries to visualise both product and project related data sets

- Capabilities to generate comprehensive project documentation and reporting with different levels of detail (for example project status reports, task lists etc.)

- Supporting simulation and analysis scenarios both for prediction of project performance and 'as-is' / 'to-be' comparison

- Support of role-based functionality sets