Defining processes, will allow software vendors to create fine-tuned solutions to support construction-specific processes, whilst taking into consideration the necessity of process integration. Defining necessary IT-platforms will fixate the system architecture of our industry, enabling software solutions to become more interoperable and better at integrating data and processes.

System Architecture

The 5D-initiative started with defining the necessary IT-platforms and their role within an integrated system architecture. Requirements and minimum functionalities were formulated for each of the IT-platforms and their role within the overall system architecture was fixated.

In the system architecture we strive for decentralised optimisation and centralised communication of software tools. This obviates the conglomeration of functionalities per software tool, which would only create user-unfriendly slow software tools. The aim is thus not to integrate functionalities into conglomerates but to share information properly between tailor-made lean software tools. These tailor-made software tools are called Expert Systems. It is the task of the expert systems to provide secondary functionalities to the primary modeller and viewer functionalities.

Defining necessary IT-Platforms and processes collaboratively as an industry still leaves plenty of room for company specific specialisation and diversification (necessary for gaining and sustaining a competitive advantage in the market). Companies will still have to link software tools to company-specific processes, and create small individual solutions on the basis of the common system architecture.

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