It is the 5D-initiative’s mission to coordinate and accelerate the development of new innovative ICT-tools for general contractors to a point where wide-spread implementation in the industry is viable.

Currently there is no combination of software solutions available on the market that is capable of supporting the entire construction process of a general contractor (i.e. fast, model based, fully integrated and reliable). Only single parts within our process chains can be supported with currently available software. If only single or partial processes can be supported, implementation and application in construction companies will be limited to a small percentage of the projects and only to fragmented groups within those companies. This means that a lot of our internal process optimisation opportunities are left unattainable.
The further development of these software solutions is thus essential. 5D goes beyond 3D model based solutions. Instead of only dealing with geometry, metadata and structure, 5D encompasses all information arising from processes (e.g. constructability, analyses, logistics, fabrication, progress monitoring and control, etc.).
Defining those new 5D-processes as an industry – within the 5D-initiative – will enable us to safeguard the sustainability of such processes on collaborative projects. It will furthermore obviate software companies to align their software solutions to an unstandardized set of construction process requirements.
Prioritising and analysing which processes most urgently require solutions and then (re-)defining those processes in a 5D-context is one of the main objectives of the initiative. Subsequently delineating concise functional requirements and conveying them to the soft- and hardware industry is the central objective of the 5D-initiative. That the 5D-initiative’s mission will eventually also touch subjects like standardisation, contract forms, legislation, and other implementation-orientated subjects, is inevitable.


Goal 1

Form initiative

Get partners

- At least 3 construction companies
- At least 3 software vendors