Process Map

The model based approach is an approach that only truly comes to fruition upon integrating processes. It is there, that the real advantage of model based approaches lies, because here the recreation of data at additional cost – a notorious and expensive habit of our industry – can be eliminated.

The construction industry is an industry where every project consists of a new combination of companies and the processes of these companies have to be integrated to create one project. True competitive advantage, therefore, lies not in changing and improving solely one’s own company, but rather in changing the industry and excelling at that change. To facilitate the necessary industry shift the 5D-initiative defines process standards and process interfaces.

These process definitions will enable software vendors to develop solutions that better suit the requirements of the construction industry. The process definitions created by the 5D-initiative help software vendors get insight into the agreed upon processes definitions of the construction industry, not just the processes of a single company. This is a very important distinction and also one of the unique features of our initiative. The introduction of 5D-based software solutions changes the construction industry fundamentally. It changes our possibilities and our way of working and therefore consequentially our processes. This means that the processes for which we require software solutions need to be defined, they do not yet exist. Defining those new processes as an industry – within the 5Dinitiative – will enable us to safeguard the sustainability of such processes on collaborative projects. It will furthermore obviate software companies to align their software solutions to an unstandardized set of construction process requirements. The processes that require standards are depicted below.