Collaboration constitutes the foundation upon which our vision and mission are based. As such, clear definitions of who does what are important.

The task of the member companies is to voice the requirements of the construction industry as a whole and to provide information on how soft- and hardware is and can be used in practice. Another important aim is to give insight in construction processes that abet from soft- or hardware support. Last but not least, it is important to give a construction industry-based prioritisation of the soft- and hardware requirements so that the right developments are initiated.

The task of the partners is two-fold, as two groups of partners can be identified. The first group – the software and hardware developers – have taken it upon themselves to pro-actively pursue the development of software and tools that are in line with the functional requirements arising from the construction industry. The task of the second group – the research institutes and organisations – is to stimulate a healthy exchange of practice and research experience and to support our efforts with much needed interdisciplinary research in this field.