Welcome to the website of the 5D-initiative. Here you will find information on why we formed this initiative and what we aim to achieve. We, the members of this open and pro-active platform, invite you to become acquainted with the approach we have chosen and encourage you to contact us if you have comments or ideas.

Konstantinos Kessoudis,
Chairman of the 5D-initiative

3D - what you see,
is what you build

A computer model of a building containing the location-, geometry-, property- and attribute information of its building components (commonly referred to as Building Information Model).

4D - what you see,
is when you build

A computer model that integrates information of building components with the respective start and finish times of their construction.

5D - what you see,
is how you build

A building information model including all process data (i.e. input/output data from processes like supply, progress, production, budget, cost, controlling, facility management, etc.)